Dura Race is the solution for hiding and protecting wires that are exposed on carpeted areas. NonSkid is engineered primarily for wire and cable management on smooth floor, high traffic environments such as broadcast studios where someone might inadvertently step on a cable snake and slip. Flexo Reflex is our polyethylene terepthalate material braided together with highly reflective 3M Scotchlite retroreflective monofilament.

Special Optics

Chrome XC heavy duty expandable metallized mylar sleeve is ideal for dressing up any application with the look of braided stainless steel. When your needs don’t call for the durability or toughness of our Chrome or Chrome XC sleeving, Flexo Mylar sleeving is an ideal, economical alternative.

Special Braids

Flexo 6Mil uses chemical resistant PET fiber to create an ultra flexible sleeve. Braided from ultra fine Nylon monofilament fibers, Flexo Thin was created for applications where weight and wall thickness play a critical role.

Doskonałe zarządzanie kablami, także w szczególnych sytuacjach i skrajnie trudnych warunkach zewnętrznych, wymaga zastosowania specjalnych węży i specjalnych kabli. Muszą one wykazywać szczególne właściwości i szczególną jakość.