Izolacja elektryczna

Electrical Insulation

Acrylic Flex Glass is a heat-treated, tightly braided fiberglass sleeving coated with a dielectric acrylic resin.
Vinyl Flex Glass is used for supplementary insulation on transformer, motor, generator, and resistor leads.
Silicone Flex Glass has a high tear strength, slight expandability for easy installation, excellent flex life and resistance to fatigue.
Silicone Flex GlassFR is an extremely flexible braided fiberglass sleeve coated with a flame retardant elastometric silicone rubber sheath.
Heavy Wall Silicone Flex Glass is highly abrasion resistant and remains flexible in low temperature applications.

Techflex offers a variety of coated fiberglass sleeving engineerd to provide a range of insulation options up to 15,000 volt protection.