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No matter what the construction type (monofilament, multifilament, laminated, etc.) wraparound type sleeving is the most versatile when installation over existing assemblies is necessary. When components cannot be taken apart for management, wraparound sleeving just opens up along the entire length and simply wraps over and around the wires or cable bundle. Network bundles, workstation cabling, complex harnesses, automotive and marine engine retrofits and robotic welders and assemblers are just a few applications where wraparound sleeving is the economical and servicable choice for a wire, hose or cable management solution.

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Depending on the product and the requirements for repeated access, the split edge can be sealed with either a hook and loop system, an adhesive edge or, in the case of Flexo F6, the edge overlap eliminates the need for any type of closure at all.


Dura Wrap is used on wires to keep them together, on hoses and cables to prevent abrasion damage or on chains to keep them from ruining expensive finished surfaces. Turtle Wrap is an excellent choice for weld cable or welding hose that is often dragged across the floor. Gator Wrap abrasion sleeve is being used in the oil field industry on frac hoses and on drill rigs, and in the timber industry to replace spiral wrap.

Fire Protection

Flame spread is a vital safety consideration in applications as diverse as home built aircraft wiring and safely managing sound & lighting cables at clubs, concerts and theaters. To address these issues, and to provide unequaled flexibility and access, we have developed this unique sleeving product.



Hook & Loop:

Special Application

Sometimes, wraparound is the only workable solution, such as in auto or motorcycle customization and renovation. Workstation cables and wires can be managed easily with wraparound sleeving, resulting in a neat appearance and a safer work environment.