Fabric Hose Protection

The full coverage provides complete protection for critical wiring bundles and other components, and the tight construction creates a smooth inner surface that minimizes internal abrasion of delicate wires. Even when installed over large bundles or cables, flexibility is virtually unaffected.


Flexo KV is a soft, flexible sleeving that’s perfect for bundling and protecting vulnerable components from the most extreme environmental conditions. Flexo KV fibers are up to 20 times stronger than steel fibers of equal diameter. Extra heavy duty, tightly woven Aramid Armor is braided from aramid fibers, soft and pliable but with 5 times strength of steel on equal-weight basis. Typical uses include aerospace, marine, and automotive industry applications.

Fiberglass Hose

Braided fiberglass sleeving provides thermal protection in even the most aggressive high temperature environments.The soft, fabric-like look and feel of braided multifilament sleeving makes these products attractive fot their visual appeal, but there are many other advantages to this style of construction.

Fabric Hose

Under the hood or across the floor, Nylon Multi is the perfect sleeving product for protecting and improving the appearance of wires and cables. Nylon Multi has been used in military wire harness applications for many years. Flexo Noise Reduction is a biaxially braided hybrid sleeving combining monofilament and multifilament PET yarns to create a full coverage expandable sleeve that substantially reduces noise on wires, tubes and hoses.

Multifilament sleeving expands slightly for quick installation, but for a tight custom fit, is best installed before any large plugs or connectors are attached to the wires. Braided multifilament sleeving is often selected for use in wiring harnesses and custom cable snakes for its soft, fabric like look and feel.