Monofilamento Aplicaciones

General Braided Sleeving

The wide expandability makes installation over existing plugs and connectors possible, and when properly matched to your application, will provide a secure and protective covering. Additionally, braided monofilament generally has the widest choices in colors and diameters, making it the preferred choice when Immediate identification of wires or managed bundles is necessary.


In applications where protection from abrasion damage is a primary concern, this line of Techflex products is the right solution for rugged, challenging environments.

Stainless Steel Braided Sleeve

Stainless Steel wires can be braided into expandable sleeving, producing strong and abrasion resistant coverings for hoses and cables. Thicker filaments produce an extraordinarily strong and abrasion resistant sleeving without sacrificing flexibility or expandability.

Automotive and Aeronautics

By combining varoius types of polymers in the braiding process, particular characteristics can be achieved, such as slip resistance. Braided monofilament sleeving is routinely chosen for use in automotive wire harnesses for its flexibility, light weight and ease of installation.

A range of products suggested for general wire management, bundling and protection applications in home, office, commercial and industrial environments. This selection of products offers economical and user-friendly solutions. This type of sleeving is produced from single flexible strands (filaments) of polymers or metals. Braided monofilament sleeving generally has the greatest expandability and flexibility of any of the various sleeving types, and is often used when managing bundles of wires over long lengths is necessary.