Metal & Shielding Sleeving

Flexo Tinned Copper is a perfect combination of economy and durability, and will provide many years of use even in exposed applications. Flexo Copper is a 100% copper braid for grounding, shielding, and many other unique projects. The decorative features of Flexo Brass are obvious but many people don’t know that brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc. Flexo Shield is great for applications where light weight and high performance are needed and Flexo Anti-Stat is designed to protect sensitive wiring from abrasion while shielding it from high frequency noise.

Zinc coating

Techflex Germany has developed a new form of shielding . Using a special procedure, a subsequently mountable protective tube can be equipped with zinc coating. This creates a high-quality EMC attenuation of 95 - 105 dB.

A group of products that not only provide protection and management for wires and cables, but also offer EMI, RFI and ESD protection in a wide range of vulnerable applications. Our skill with braided sleeving extends to many materials including tinned copper for a variety of applications. High end automotive, heavy equipment and industrial applications have always used braided metal for secure and efficient grounding solutions.