L6 Liquid Wrap

L6 Liquid Wrap

Flat braided cable sleeving Flexo F6 Flat

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= €16.67 per 1 Square meter.
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Part Number
Flat braided cable sleeving Flexo F6 Flat is available to buy in increments of 1
Part Number Sheet
F6Z1.00 30,0 mm 7,6 m 15,2 m
F6Z1.50 40,0 mm 7,6 m 15,2 m
F6Z1.75 50,0 mm 7,6 m 15,2 m
F6Z2.25 60,0 mm 7,6 m 15,2 m

Self-Wrapping Flat Design

Built on the same design as out Flexo F6 and Flexo F6 Woven Wrap, Flexo F6 Flat is a self-wrappable sleeve used to bundle and protect wire harnesses and cable assemblies in areas where space constraints restrict the use of traditional sleeving.
Lightweight and durable, it maintains its flexibility for conforming to irregular shapes and bends during installation.
Woven from monofilament and multifilament polyester yarn, Flexo F6 Flat provides noise suppression and a high level of mechanical abrasion protection making it the perfect for use in automotive applications.
The low-profile design is great for channeling and protecting wires that run under the carpet or in the headliner of automobiles.

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