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Heat Shrink Printing

Techflex is happy to make this unique service available to our customers. Our heatshrink printing process allows our customers to select from our available selection of heatshrink products and design their own customized heatshrink tubing. Your finished art will be prepared by our Graphics Department and printed on our high resolution equipment. The imprint has a high resistance to abrasion and many cleaning fluids.

You can choose freely between logos, text or graphics.

  • hsp1
  • hsp3
  • hsp2


Send us your enquiry with the following information by E-Mail

  • - Heatshrink diameter

  • - Heatshrink color

  • - Printing color

  • - Length each piece

  • - Quantity

Please note the following points when using our heat shrink printing service:

3/1 Printable heat shrink

  • Available diameter:

  • 6,4 mm - 25,4 mm

  • Available heat shrink colors:

  • black, white, yellow

  • Available print colors:

  • black, white, silver, gold, red

  • A particularly good quality has the special printable heat shrink.


3/1 Polyolefin heat shrink

  • Available diameter:

  • 9,5 mm - 19,1 mm

  • Available heat shrink colors:

  • blue, green, grey, orange,purple, red, white, yellow

  • Available print colors:

  • black, white, silver, gold, red

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