Delivery & Shipping | Techflex Germany GmbH

  • UPS Versand
    • Shipping

      Deliveries within Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland and selected countries of Europe are made exclusively with UPS.
    • Shipping costs

      The shipping costs incl. packaging are based on the specified delivery zones ex works Kürten.
      We reserve the right to adjust the shipping cost, because weight and volume data can change.
    • Delivery time

      The delivery of your order ensued within 1-3 business days. If an article is not in stock or not immediately available and the delivery time shall be delayed, you`ll be informed separately on the respective order confirmation.
    • Delivery date

      You`ll find the outgoing delivery date in our order confirmation. If one or more items are out of stock, we can arrange partial deliveries for additional shipping costs.
    • Undeliverable packages

      If a package after several attempts can´t be delivered, it`s sent back to us and you`ll receive a message from us.
    • Important Notes

      We also offer express delivery for additional delivery costs.
      Simply contact our hotline.