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Aramid Armor

Soft, Lightweight, and Extraordinarily Strong

Extra heavy duty, tightly woven Aramid Armor is braided from aramid fibers, soft and pliable but with 5 times strength of steel on equal-weight basis.
Aramid Armor is perfect for bundling and protecting vulnerable components from the most extreme environmental conditions. The aramid fibers provide durability, pliability and extraordinary tensile strength.
It will not melt, burn or support combustion. The inherent strength and heat resistance of Aramid Armor provides performance that can not be worn or aged away. Typical uses include aerospace, marine, and automotive industry applications.
Aramid Armor sleeving is available in Yellow.
Please note that Aramid Armor is degraded by ultraviolet light. Do not store in direct sunlight. Fluoescent lighting will cause discoloration, but will not affect fiber mechanical properties.

Only available in small quantities and while stocks last!

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Product No. KVX0.25YL
GTIN 4251286921664

In stock

Yellow - 6,4mm
Price / meter - Excl. Tax:
Excl. Tax: €5.88
Excl. 19% Tax
Product No. KVX0.50YL
GTIN 4251286921671

In stock

Yellow - 12,7mm
Price / meter - Excl. Tax:
Excl. Tax: €10.50
Excl. 19% Tax
Product No. KVX1.00YL
GTIN 4251286921688

In stock

Yellow - 25,4mm
Price / meter - Excl. Tax:
Excl. Tax: €14.96
Excl. 19% Tax
Product No. KVX1.25YL-008
GTIN 4251286921695

Currently not in stock

Yellow - 31,8mm
Price / piece - 7,6 m - Excl. Tax:
Excl. Tax: €309.76
Excl. 19% Tax

Details: Aramid Armor

Part Number Diameter
KVX0.25 6,4 mm 6,4 mm 9,5 mm 0,5 mm YL 152,4 m
KVX0.50 12,7 mm 12,7 mm 25,4 mm 0,5 mm YL 76,2 m
KVX1.00 25,4 mm 25,4 mm 44,5 mm 0,5 mm YL 61,0 m
KVX1.25 31,8 mm 31,8 mm 50,8 mm 0,5 mm YL 38,1 m

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