Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

  • Hot Cutting Machine

    For the best results the sleeving should be cut with a hot knife. The heated blade slices through most grades of sleeving and seals the ends to prevent fraying.

  • F6 Installation Tool

    We offer a variety of cutting tools, from precision scissors & specialty shears to Flexo sleeving rapid Install tool.

  • Flexo Mounting System

    Our new patented Flexo Mounting System has been created to attractively terminate applications with a secure mountable end.

  • Velcro Cable Ties

    Techflex offers a variety of different cable ties.

  • Tapes

    Seal self-fusing silicone tape is a unique adhesive free product that quickly fuses to itself to create a moisture and corrosion resistant continuous seal.

We offer a wide range of hand and power tools, installation kits and accessories that are suitable for professional installers and high volume production environments, as well as tools designed for the occasional user or hobbyist.